I've been painting for 20+ years, although I
have been an award winning artist since
childhood. I attended the
Kansas City Art
as an undergraduate in addition to
their adult continuing education program.

What sets me apart is I have an extensive
applied background in both fine art and
residential construction painting. I am able to
perform all repair and preparation in addition to
conceptualizing and executing the final finish,
whether it be decorative or restorative in nature.

The relationship between colors is a primary
interest of mine. Color influences perception of
mood, temperature, cleanliness, dimension,
style and myriad other aspects of a space.

I enjoy the synergy resulting from co-creating,
be it with a designer or homeowner with a
vision. This helps pinpoint which colors and /or
artistic application would best suit both
personal aesthetics and budget.

In addition, I'm able to restore the decorative
paint work of other artists, which can be
helpful in the case of damage to a beloved

My artwork leans towards the contemporary
and can be viewed in my digital
However, I do love commission work!

Although the vast majority of my work is in
private homes, my work can be seen
on the
exterior of
Papa John's Pizza in Westport,
the lobby of
Sunrise Chiropractic Clinic in
Blue Springs, MO,
Hagoyah Salon in Waldo
Hot Spot Vapes in Overland Park, KS.  I
have also collaborated on many public projects
Elvin Interiors, such as the Peachtree
(18th and Vine and Power &
Light district) and several award winning
Design Parade of Homes
entries including the
Spring of 2008 Grand Champion.

Art exhibits -- Solo
2018 - One More Cup Coffeehouse
2012 - Gamber Center
2012 - Waldo Pizza and Gallery
2011 - R3VOLUTION church
2011 - "Just Because" Mission Theater
2010 - One More Cup coffeehouse
2009 -
Cedar Roe Library
2008 - Orange Fly Design located in the
Arts Incubator.
2008 - Bella Restaurant and Gallery

Art exhibits / auctions -- Group
2011 - Art Corridor, Gould Evans
2011 -
Straw, Sticks and Bricks
2011 - Hawthorne Plaza Art Fair
2011 - Kansas Sampler Festival
2010 - Tribeology Salon
2010 -
Straw, Sticks and Bricks
2010 - First Friday - Glaspur Gallery
2010 - SHUTTER presented by FARCU
2010 - KC Quaint presented by FARCU
2010 -
Straw, Sticks & Bricks
2010 - RAW presented by FARCU
2009 - Humane Society of Greater Kansas
City 12th Annual
Art Unleashed
2009 - Artists Coalition's 26th Annual
Benefit Art Auction
2009 - KCAI Crossroads Gallery
2008 - State of the Arts exhibit in the
Prairie Village Municipal Offices' R.G.
Endres Gallery.
2008 - Orange Fly Design located in the
Arts Incubator.
2008 - Humane Society of Greater Kansas
City 11th Annual Art Unleashed.
2007 - Humane Society of Greater Kansas
City 10th Annual Art Unleashed.
2007 - KCAI Crossroads Gallery
2006 - Humane Society of Greater Kansas
City 9th Annual Art Unleashed.
e-mail, call or text me to schedule a meeting
or 816.838.2457
photo courtesy of Gene Starr
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